The plummet in temperature forces animals to adopt different survival strategies. Squirrels save their food for the rainy days, birds migrate, and bears hibernate! Animals are not blessed like humans with abundant variety of foods, drinks and clothes to stay covered during winters. Similar is the case with bats. As autumn arises and the availability of prey dwindles, bats either migrate or head to hibernation sites. This is something which is decided based on species and is also circumstantial and varies for bats in various locations.

There are species which only hibernates, then there are those which migrates to warm locations and there are species which do combination of both! They migrate for few months and hibernate for rest! There are more than 1200 species of bats around the world and thus the difference in behaviour and activities is justified. Answering the question in title- yes bats do migrate because of their own reasons as listed in this post. Read out loud to find those!

Texas bats migrate to warmer locations in search of abundant food. There are species of bats which migrate to locations which are warm and comfortable for them. There are many reasons for migration and some of them are listed below:

Migration for baby Plano bats
One of the primary reasons for the Plano bats to migrate is related to their offsprings. If bats want to raise their young ones they move to summery areas as it is not easy to teach the young ones how to hibernate in initial stages of their life. They want to prepare their young ones before it can enter hibernation stage.

Migration for survival
Food and water are the driving force for bats to migrate to other locations. Bats need to consume ample amount of water which is not easy to find in frozen locations. Also, bugs and insects which are fed upon by bats wither die or hibernate in winters and thus it becomes extremely difficult for them to survive. Their appetite increases in winter but the resources are cut down leaving them with no option but to migrate.

Migration for safety
Just like bats are unable to hunt their preys similarly the predators of the bats find it difficult to hunt for them. But if bats don’t migrate then their chances of getting hunt increases further because they are low on energy levels and hence can easily be targeted. There is always an opportunity at the time of scarcity and the predators of bats targets them to satisfy their hunger in autumn. Thus, migrating away for safety is other reason why they leave cold cities.

Migration to rejuvenate
Bats are adaptable to various locations and this is because of their ability to migrate. They can manage to stay in deserts, coastal and land locked places as well if the temperature is normal. This not only helps them in maintaining their energy levels but make them good fliers too! Did you know that bat is the only mammal which can fly for more than 50 kms at a stretch? They gain this ability by practising hard every day!

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