How do rats communicate using pheromones

Pheromones happen to chemicals that usually animals excrete. These chemicals happen to be capable of signaling social responses and impacts in animals among a particular species. Animals tend to excrete different types of pheromones for different behavior characteristics. There happen to be pheromones that animals excrete for food, pheromones for stress, pheromones as a response to pain and danger, pheromones and sex, a lot more. This article deals with the communication of rats via the excretion of pheromones.

Releaser Pheromone
The releaser pheromone is often used by Plano rats as a release so as to communicate with other rats around. These pheromones warn the other Texas rats that they are trespassing someone’s territory. In this case, rats release their urine so as to release a scent hence marking their place. The urine pheromone is also used by female rats so as to let the other rats in the litter know that she is ready to nurse them. This is one of the many ways through which rats in New York communicate via pheromones.

Primer Pheromone
Primer pheromones are majorly used by Plano rats during the time when they are totally fertile. This pheromone is primarily responsible for signaling the sexual behavior of rats. Mostly, it's the female rat that initiates the release of this pheromone. Usually, a female would release this scent to attract a male rat signaling that she is ready for sexual intercourse. At the same time, a male species of rat who senses the pheromone accepts the challenge immediately. In the meantime, a male rat that has accepted the challenge excretes another pheromone which is triggered by a part of their brain that is referred to as the “Vomeronasal”. Moreover, it is speculated that an adult rat has a very powerful scent. It is so powerful that it immediately induces rapid maturity in the female rat. There is another release among male rat species that is said to cause miscarriage among pregnant buffalo rats. Pheromones are used to do a number of other types of communications among rats according to research. It is quite interesting that not all pheromone communications in rats are discovered yet and many of them are still being researched.

Information Pheromone
An information pheromone is used so as to figure out something about another animal or to identify it. This pheromone is used by rats so as to identify other animals or to find something useful about them. For instance, this pheromone can be used to figure out what the other buffalo rat has eaten or how healthy he/she is. This can help them with a range of communications. Indeed it is fascinating how rats communicate with each other using pheromones. However, most people do not know this despite the fact that communication via pheromones among rats is quite a hot research topic for scientists. We happen to have rats all around us, sneaking around our houses, and running around the alleyways at night. Knowing more about these fascinating creatures can hence be quite satisfying for anyone with a curious mind.

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